Fort Smith High School
Iris Albertson

After graduating in 1958, I married Pat Rudeseal and we moved to Lubbock, Texas where he was a student at Texas Tech University. During our early-married life, we lived in Brownfield, TX where he taught high school. In 1965 we went to Huntsville, TX where he received an advanced degree and began teaching at the college level. I then went to college, receiving a BS in Accounting in 1969.

In 1969, we settled in Brownwood, TX where he taught at Howard Payne University and I worked in public accounting.

In 1975 I was licensed as a CPA and I established my own Certified Public Accounting practice. Last fall I sold it in anticipation of retirement. I am currently consulting with the new owner and assisting him with the transition of the clients.

I was widowed in 1999. I have one son, Steve, living in Lubbock, TX. He is 33 years old and unmarried.  He is an I.T. Administrator for an environmental testing lab.

In 1997, I discovered the Everly Brothers online fan group. I have been active in the group since then and have made many good friends around the USA and Europe.  I have visited with several of them in Europe and they have visited me here in the USA.  One couple and I are planning a trip to visit the Buddy Holly Museum in Lubbock and then we will travel to Nashville to see the recording studios where the Everlys and other favorite 50s and 60s musicians recorded.

I have also been fortunate that my nephew and his wife are diplomats. They have served in Naples, Italy where I visited them in 2000. More recently they were posted in Montivedo, Uruguay and Jerry Hixon, class of 55, and I traveled to Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Brazil on a trip we made to see them. 

As one can readily see, traveling is my passion. I also enjoy oil and watercolor painting, reading, and gardening. I look forward to my retirement.

Iris "Albertson" Rudeseal - 2004