Fort Smith High School
Elinor Beckman

There's not much new since '98. I'm still working for Mental Health/Mental Retardation of Tarrant County. No longer doing therapy but authorizing services for our clients. My second job is part-time doing inpatient therapy groups on weekends for a local psychiatric hospital. I live alone with my family of dogs, now numbering 7 (!!!) and ranging from a 70 lb husky to a 7 lb. chihuahua/terrier mix. These guys are great and keep me connected to reality. I also care for a horse and two turkeys and keep learning things about the richness of the animal world.

My daughter Carmen lives in Portland, Or with husband and two teen-age kids. My son Robert lives in Brownwood, TX with wife and 3 little boys. Most of my numerous siblings live in Ft Smith or Fayetteville and also my mom (who’s now writing historical accounts of her experiences during the last century). It's always such a joy to see everyone from Class of '58. Every one has a place in my heart and my memory and I often reflect on the great friendships of that period.

Elinor "Beckman" Jacks - 2003