Fort Smith High School
Kitty Binns

I am 63 years old (like all of you), still have blond hair, 5' 4" tall, weight 115 lbs. Married to Bill McCubbin for 21 years. I have two children. John Schnitzies, 37 years old, who lives in independent living, Little Rock, Arkansas. April Hays, 34 years old, who lives in Paris, Arkansas who is married and has one son, Taylor who is 11 years old. They had a little girl, Courtni until she drowned in a home swimming pool in 1999 at the age of 4 1/2 years. That was devastating.

We no longer manage the mobile home park for our friends, Jim and Jean. We have had our own place since 2000, sort of an age 55 plus place with not a lot of children. We may move back to Arkansas but not yet. We have no pets or sheep (I think the last time I told everyone what I was doing we had a farm in Greenwood, Arkansas and I was an honest to goodness farm girl and loved it, complete with sheep!) Now we just have a yard to be mowed and weed eaten. We put the "R" in retirement, "No hurry, no worry". I had respiratory failure in March 2002 and just about didn't make it. But, I did and am doing very well as long as I donít' get too excited or do too much. I can do my daily life of cleaning, cooking but nothing physical. I take breathing treatments three times a day and do fine.

I loved seeing the pictures of everyone from the 45th reunion that Cookie Cain Hanson shared with me. I don't have a computer but if anyone would like to drop me a line I would love to hear from them and I would definitely write them back.

My mailing address is: Kitty Binns McCubbin, PO Box 7464, Longview, Texas 75607

Love and hugs,

Kitty "Binns" McCubbin - November 17, 2003