Fort Smith High School
Carl Brown

I was a nobody from Peabody, then went on to Darby and FSHS; had a brief teen-age marriage to a young girl across the border whose dad had it annulled before you could say “scat” – which I did! He scared me so bad that I chased women but didn’t catch them until 1985 when I married my wife, Donna who was from Amarillo and her five children. (Pretty brave business, huh?)

My work history is constant … eleven years at General Electric here in Fort Smith, 29 years with Whirlpool. I plan to work two more years or until I die, whichever comes first.

My hobbies are (1) antique cars and hot rods … buying, selling, repairing and just messing with them in general, and (2) drinking beer with friends like Susan Townley and Dickie Cowan at the Eagles and telling them things like my life story.

I will miss seeing everyone at the reunion because I work the night shift.

Carl Brown - 2003