Fort Smith High School
Sue Bushong

This will be the first reunion I have attended and I'm sure there are few who will remember me. I came to Ft. Smith Senior High from First Lutheran School where I had attended for 9 yrs. One person who might have remembered me would have been Mrs. McCarty, my typing teacher, who threatened to cut my fingernails every week.

After graduation I was married and a widow within one year. My husband was in the Air Force and was killed in a jeep accident.

I later married the "best looking Yankee" in the Army (and he knew it). During our 19 yrs. of marriage we lived in the states of New Jersey, Oklahoma, Hawaii (twice) and Germany. During this time I was employed as a bookkeeper for the Officers and NCO Clubs and the Holiday Inn Corp.

I have three kids now 42, 39 & 37.  Shaun, the oldest, lives and works in OKC for the Wonder Bread Corp. Richard, middle child, is a wholesale florist in L.A. and lives in Costa Mesa, CA with my beautiful blonde, blue eyed granddaughter of 3yrs, Vanessa. My "baby daughter" Robyn, who will be my "date" for the reunion, is the Manager of Radiology and Pharmacy at the Okla. City Clinic in OKC. She lives in Edmond, OK with her husband of 16 yrs and my two grandsons, Jared 12 and Bryce 8. I can't go longer then two weeks without seeing them!! Being the mother of three wonderful kids and "Mema" to my grandchildren is my most rewarding accomplishment.

As a last duty station before retirement my family moved back to Lawton/Ft. Sill, from Hawaii. The 'Yankee" and I divorced upon retirement.

For the past 25 yrs. I have been employed at Fort Sill, Ok, as the Human Resources Director, for the Civilian Food Service contract. I have been on a bowling team for 27 yrs, (which means I show up and they bowl). I have enjoyed many trips of travel by motor home to go trout fishing and from one end of the coast of Texas to the other. I really enjoy going to Reno, Nevada or anywhere there is a "Harrah’s" ! I also am a member of the Lasill Optimist Civic Club.

I am looking forward to my first reunion of FSHS 58. My sister still lives in Ft. Smith and I look forward to seeing her.

Sue "Bushong" Crandall - 2003