Fort Smith High School
Carolyn Cagle

I went to Belle Point, Darby and Ramsey J. High, Fort Smith High School and Fort Smith Jr. College, (AA Degree), and then to U. of A., for a short time. I decided to return home and worked in the family business, Cagle Iron Works. Later on I had a small doll shop, which was a lot of fun. I worked in sales in a few other stores which I enjoyed.

Lewis and I married in 1965. We have been married for 43 years. Lewis is from Gastonia, No. Carolina. We have two sons, Michael Kelly Robinson and Gregory Cagle Robinson. Michael has a B.A. degree and teaching certification. He and wife Julie live in Knippa, Texas. He works for Uvalde Leader News, in Uvalde, Texas. Gregory has a PHD in Speech Pathology and is a professor at U.A.L.R. in Little Rock. He and wife Monica, have two daughters, Madeleine Rose, nine years old, and Beatrice Anne, 21 months old.

We moved to the Little Rock Metro area, in December 2006. Our youngest granddaughter was born five days after we moved here, and five days before Christmas. We move here to be near our Grandchildren and we love living here.

My hobby is photography and growing plants and flowers. I like surfing the web and e-mail. We love babysitting, playing with our granddaughters, and getting together with family and friends. We also enjoy traveling by car, “taking the roads less traveled,” and “stopping to smell the Roses“. We have two dogs, Tasha & Geordi, who travel with us.

I can’t believe this is our 50th class reunion. As the song goes-- “Sunrise, Sunset, swiftly flow the days. I don’t remember growing older, when did they?”

Good health and best wishes to all.

Carolyn "Cagle" Robinson - 2008