Fort Smith High School
Barbara Carpenter

After being nagged by Dick Cowan for several years now, I finally decided to update any classmates who might be interested in what Iíve done with my life (although I frequently wonder ďwhatĒ myself).

After graduation, I worked in Ft. Smith for a short time and then got a job with the Ranger Department at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Thereís nothing quite like being young, female, and working at an Army base. At any rate, I finally succumbed to marriage to Ron McDermott, and when he was released from the Army, we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We were not fortunate (?) enough to have children, and I worked at various jobs while he worked as an illustrator and technical artist. I came to Tulsa with the Corps of Engineers, which was awful, and left there for the Air Force Reserve Center -- where I saw Donnie Green years ago. From there, I went to the Defense Contract Administration Services at the Douglas/North American plant, on to the Airport Control Tower, and ended my career with the Office of Hearings and Appeals, where I started as a Hearing Assistant, traveling to really wonderful places in the country -- like Houston in August and Michigan in winter. When I got tired of traveling constantly, I took a job as Office Manager so I could stay home. Big joke. Then I ďgotĒ to go places like Washington, Dallas, and to problem offices in the Region. They tried to keep me on the road most of the time, and it is slightly possible the office staff paid them to do so. Anyhow, I took early retirement and finally got to stay home.

We moved to Broken Arrow 8 years ago. After returning from a Hawaiian cruise, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He went through horrible treatments and lost the good fight.

I get up at 5:30 every morning to wait for my nieceís daughter, who goes back to bed while I cook breakfast. After I get her off to school, I usually go by and work out. I do a lot of walking, reading, playing on the computer, and visiting family and friends. I volunteered to work part-time at the church as the receptionist, and I have managed thus far not to do too much harm there. I have a Yorkie, Tinkerbell, who is spoiled rotten and who has me completely under control. I really donít know where my time goes, but itís seldom that I can kick back and be lazy!

Would love to hear from any of you! I didnít make the last reunion because of Ronís recent death, but SURELY I can be there for the next, lol. My best to you and yours.

Barbara "Carpenter" McDermott - 2005