Fort Smith High School
Garry Carroll

Following an enjoyable career in advertising and public relations, I am now semi-employed in Bella Vista, Arkansas. My wife and I have a home on Lake Windsor that is a golf cart ride between three of the eight golf courses in BV village. I have taken Tom Harper’s example and try to always allow time for the game. Now if I could just get back into the eighty’s on eighteen!

Although the village was developed as a retirement community in the 1970’s, it is becoming a bedroom community for Bentonville due to the explosion of Wal-Martians and vendors for their General Offices. This corner of the state is going through amazing changes and growth that seems to have happened overnight. But it remains a beautifully tranquil area with wonderful seasons, enough to see and do, and is usually ten degrees cooler than Fort Smith.

I have enjoyed reading the bio sketches that are posted on the web site. I marvel at Milla’s wonderful accomplishments and dedication. Hats off to Dick Cowan for building this site and keeping us informed. I can’t wait to read Jim K. Limberg’s detailing of his career as a rodeo clown, especially his death-defying stunt at Madison Square Garden that I heard was witnessed by Larry McCord. A lot has happened since we stepped in front of Fuzzy to receive the paper and a handshake in ‘58. Ain’t life grand!

Best wishes to everyone.

Garry Carroll - 2003