Fort Smith High School
Anna Lee Carter

It's amazing to find that 45 years can be covered so quickly!

I would say my family is my "claim to fame". I have been widowed twice, but have from those marriages two sons and two daughters. Actually, one son and daughter are my biological children, while the others are "step", but we have never considered it that way. My second husband was several years older than I, so his son and daughter were both already married when he and I married, and at the ripe old age of 29 I became the grandmother of two! By now four more grandchildren have been added, and eight great-grandchildren. Since I grew up as an only child, it is a thrill to me to have this large, loving group around me.

In 1973 I became a registered nurse and have been working full time ever since. My early years were in Labor and Delivery at St. Edward Hospital where I had some of the most fascinating experiences of my life. Every delivery was a miracle!  I then moved on to work as an office nurse at Cooper Clinic. For the past 23 years I have worked for a local gynecologist, Dr. Mike Berumen, in a private office. Patients frequently ask me when I am going to retire. My answer is to tell them that until I can break myself of the bad habit I have of eating three meals a day, I'll be found working!

My hobbies are reading and traveling. Obviously, I've had more experience at reading!  One of my favorite destinations is Destin, FL. A group of friends and I have gone there in the late summer for several years. It is the most beautiful, relaxing place I have ever been. I love to sit on the beach and listen to the sound of the waves hitting the shore. In 1998 the most outstanding trip I have ever made took place. I went with a group from my church on a two-week trip to the Holy Land. As we look back now on what we were able to see and do, we are so grateful we got to go at that particular time. Not long after, it became dangerous for tourists in several of the places we had been.

It occurs to me I should make a brief explanation about my name. My name on the class roll and in the yearbook is listed as Anna Lee Carter. After high school, friends shortened my name to just "Ann". I thought an added "e" made it seem more elegant, so that's who I have been for many years now. If you remember me as "Anna Lee", you have known me a long time!

It’s been fun reading everyone else's bios. Thanks for sharing!

Anne “Carter” Walker - 2004