Fort Smith High School
Gary Chamblee

I went into the navy for two years right after high school. My first duty assignment was on an aircraft carrier for a Mediterranean Cruise on the USS Saratoga CVA60. After that I was assigned to the USS Independence CVA 62 and the duty assignment was a Caribbean Cruise.

After I was released from the Navy, I got married to my first wife and we had two girls.

I took piano lessons as a youngster but really didn't get into music while in school. It wasn't until 1970, and divorced, that my musical interest was renewed. I spent the next two years on the road playing with a four-piece band in nightclubs. After that, I formed a band called Mushroom Alley and played in motel lounges for the next eighteen years. During the time I was playing with my band I started a side business tuning pianos. The business grew and enabled me to finally quit the band scene and turn my talents to piano tuning and have now been a piano technician for the past twenty years.

My current wife, Pamela, and I have been married almost thirty-three years. She is the mother of my two youngest girls.

All together, I have five daughters, Kim, Lori (lost her to an acute asthma attack in 1997), Dallena, Lisa, and Renee and seven grandkids. Be sure and take a peep at my gallery page for a great family picture of most of my girls. Also, I am very fortunate that most of them live right here in Ft. Smith and I get to see them often.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the next class reunion.

Gary Chamblee - 2003