Fort Smith High School
Dick Cowan

After high school graduation I attended Oklahoma State Tech. I then moved to Tulsa and lived there from 1960 to 1964. I worked in the back shop of a printing company in Tulsa until I realized that I much more enjoyed working out front with the public and wanted to wear a white shirt and tie (really I did).

I moved to Southern California (Orange County) in 1964 and worked as a bank officer for the next 20 years (public and white shirt/tie). I got married in 1966 and our final divorce was in 1985. I say final, as we went through three divorces before I moved back to Tulsa to make sure it didn't happen a fourth time. I have two sons, Rick and Rob. Both are fine young men and have made their Daddy proud. Love ya guys.

Since the end of January, 2008, I am now retired and living in the Nashville area. I don't know when retirement will start has I completely keep myself busy with new home projects, my high school website, our soon to be 50th reunion, and the many honey-dos my wife has in store for me.

I am very blessed with my current wife, Susan. We got married in 1992 and have certainly had a ball ever since. We both travel with our jobs and when the travel location is to a nice and sometimes exotic location, the other of us works it out so that we both get to experience the trip. The places we have been together in the USA are numerous and for sure the trips to Hawaii, Europe, Cancun, St. Thomas, and Aruba are always exotic and special.

My wife is Italian and speaks the language as well. Because of her Italian language abilities, we are able to take trains and buses to many small towns not visited by hordes of tourists. In 2002, Susan and I again went to Italy and our '58 classmate, Susan Townley Foster, went with us. It was her first time in Italy and we got her involved with Italian locals in several towns. And the food was spectacular. To eat and drink in Italy is to be thrust into the heart of Italian life. We did not find a restaurant we didn't like. I will say that as always, a big portion of our Italy travel budget is spent on food. We all ate several new food dishes and found that locally prepared Italian cuisine left us with our heads reeling, hearts pumping and mouths watering.

My wife, Susan, and I have a fun business off to the side doing murder mystery dinner parties. Susan writes the mysteries and we host the parties for companies. Clicking on the following link Mystery Adventures will take you through the various years and parties that we have to offer.

PLEASE e-mail any current pictures (up to five) to me as I have added a photo gallery page to the FSHS reunion website. Also, please send me a current bio about yourself; include your current name, address, phone, e-mail address, and website address and any interesting and newsy items about your life. The pictures and bio can be sent to

Take care classmates, see you at the next reunion, whenever that is . . .

Dick Cowan - 2008