Fort Smith High School
Milla Bess Cozart

My title is James J. Goodwin professor of English, Trinity College, Hartford, CT. I work a lot with theater, especially Shakespeare, which I teach in the university, as well as working on professional productions as a dramaturge.  I also study carnival and have established a learning exchange program in Trinidad, where I attend Carnival each year.  I have 14 students studying in Trinidad this spring.  We take students each year. I have published several books, on medieval drama, Shakespeare, and most recently Carnival.

I have two children, Anna Riggio Rosen and Thomas P. Riggio II and one grandchild, Thomas P. Riggio III, together with a beloved stepson Robert Brink, a son-in-law Daniel Rosen and a step daughter-in-law Laura Pruden.  My daughter is in medical school at Mount Sinai in New York; my son-in-law works for the Institute of International Economics, teaches part time at Columbia University and writes books on China.  My stepchildren are actors in California.  My son, a painter and budding entrepreneurial rehabilitator of old houses, is recovering slowly from a near fatal industrial accident on September 19, 2001.  His son is six years old and a budding young actor in his own right.  My husband is a Professor of English at the University of Connecticut and the editor of the Dreiser Edition at the University of Illinois Press, currently enjoying time off made possible by a very large grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities.

Part of the problem with making the reunion is the academic year.  I have to travel quite a bit, mainly to Trinidad, but also to give professional papers in various parts of the world -- Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Holland, British Columbia, to name a few.  Such travel makes it very hard for me to leave Hartford for personal reasons during the academic term.  I need much lead time, or retirement, to plan to attend in October.  I could not do it this year, but if I make it to the 50th, I will be sure to put it on my calendar way ahead of time.  By then, I may have decided to retire, but I love my job and have no plans to leave it any time soon.

Milla Bess "Cozart" Riggio - 2003