Fort Smith High School
John England

My grammar school education commenced in Rogers School and I moved on to Albert Pike School in the 5th grade. Isnít there an old saying that goes something like ďEverything I ever needed to know I learned in grammar school?Ē Well, I did, and I taught my friends a few lessons as well. My hobbies were (and are) collecting baseball cards and finessing my friends out of theirs, i.e., for those who know of what I speak, I easily talked Dickie Cowan into trading complete sets of 52, 53, 54 Topps and Bowmans cards (except for the much sought after Mickey Mantle card) for several pieces of model railroad track. Bill Jones proved to be a much tougher trader; I had to trade him my coin collection for his two main card sets (by the way, the cards appreciated more than the coins). Iím sure he, too, remembers all the gory details to this day.

After graduation from FSHS, I received my degree from the U of A in 1963, taught school five years, was educational director of a local church for one year. Purchased Vivianís Book Shop in 1970, operated there in 1977. Began Sports Cards, Inc. October, 1973 as part of the Book Shop Ė and full time from 1977 until I returned to teaching in recent years. It was the first baseball card shop in Arkansas.

I sold the bookshop and am currently teaching English at Southside High School.

Iím still married to Gloria Jean Carter England. We are enjoying our adult children, Terri, Marty, Jackie, Chris and Missy, and their families.

John England - 2003