Fort Smith High School
Roberta Folliott

Hello to all the graduates of FSHS, class of 1958.

WOW! To try to capsule my life over the past few years, now that's a chore but will attempt to update you on my life.

Have been married, for the second time, to Kenneth for almost 20 yrs. now. Collectively we have three children, one mine, two his. All ours. There are two girls and one boy. Well, adults now. Collectively we have five grandchildren, one mine, four his.

Together Kenneth and I still run an exotic waterfowl business. We have about 60 species of wild waterfowl, including 7 of the 8 species of swans in the world. We have a website, feel free to visit, We sell and ship birds all over the states. Guess I had my fifteen minutes of fame in 2000 when Country Woman magazine called and wanted to and did run a small article on me. It's on our website. Wow, what a response I got from that.

Many great things have come my way and some that are not so great. I simply cannot get over the events of 9-11 2001. It was and is the greatest tragedy to strike this great country of ours.

In 1994 I took a buyout from the company I was working for, Planters/Lifesavers and have been tending to my now 10 yr. old grandson. My daughter is a single mom and works so I have had the great pleasure of being with Kyle since that time.

Even now I still get up at 3:30 a.m. and go to Fort Smith to be with him in the mornings before delivering him to school. As fate would have it he is now attending Albert Pike Elementary. The reason I say, as fate would have it, is because there are several of you that attended the same school. Of course, it has been rebuilt. He was in a private Catholic school and excelled at all he attempted. He has been the highlight of my life. Whoever named them "grand" children knew what they were talking about.

My interests, other than Kyle, are refunding, refunding, refunding. In 1991 my husband, my sister and a friend went to New Zealand. Kenneth's and my share of the trip was paid for with refunding checks that I diligently put in a small savings account for just refund checks. Guess I started refunding in the late '80s. After that we took a trip every year thanks to refunding. Our last big trip was to Alaska. The airfare was free with the mileage accumulated from the trip to New Zealand so the four of us decided to use that mileage and go to Alaska. Refunding just isn't as profitable as it used to be. But, with the exception of this year I have managed to take a trip somewhere with my friend. Kenneth seemed to lose interest so we decided to go. My friend had a heart attack in December and my husband came down with Cancer in Jan. (Thank God he is in full remission as I write this.) In May I had back surgery so that all combined blew our trip. For these reasons we will not be attending the reunion this year.

As an ending to this let me wish you all the very best that life has to offer. Remember to be a friend of all mankind and of Mother Nature. Life is short so live it to the fullest.

Take care and hope to see you next time around.

P.S. I think Dickie Cowan deserves a big round of applause for all the work he has put into the reunion website.

Sincerely, your classmate,

Roberta "Folliott" Howell - 2003