Fort Smith High School
Jack Geurin - Addendum #1

Well, it’s now 2008 and we have made some changes.

I retired from UNC-Charlotte in 2006. The week I retired a friend and former colleague who is chair of the Information Systems Department at Queens University in Charlotte called out of the blue to ask if I would be interested in teaching a similar course at Queens. When I said I was retiring and would love to, he responded, “In that case, would you teach four classes?” I immediately said yes and loved it – small liberal arts university in a beautiful neighborhood, small classes, great schedule, and an office overlooking the quad. As I told him at the end of the year, I would have stayed until I was 95, BUT –

We decided to move to Raleigh to be closer to the kids and grandkids and made the move in June 2007. We are 10 minutes away from the three grandkids here and only two hours from the three in Wilmington. We sold our house to friends of friends with no hitches and remain friends with the buyers so it must have gone right…

We are in good health and that is another reason we made the move now.

We are involved in a great church here in Raleigh and I make the most of the library. We are involved in the grandkids’ activities (baseball, basketball, soccer, chorus and school plays) and help out when needed. We’ve taken our granddaughters to New York over the Christmas holidays and our Raleigh grandsons on an overnight rafting trip to West Virginia. Tutoring at an elementary school remains one of my favorite activities.

Ginny and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in December 2009 and we are planning a train trip out west. We love it there and have had great times – jet boating on the Snake River and Rogue River; following the Lewis and Clark Trail in Montana, Idaho and Oregon; sitting on the hood of our car and leaning back on the windshield to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower at the Grand Canyon; watching whales off the San Juan Islands of Washington; attending a singing cowboy show in Wyoming; being overwhelmed by the beauty of Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Parks and meeting so many friendly people. Ginny and I are both attending 50th class reunions this year. Ginny’s was in Camden in April and I’m looking forward to having as great a time at ours as she had at hers.

Jack Geurin - 2008