Fort Smith High School
Jeanne Hale

When thinking about the class of 1958…we were all young once and now when we see each other again, we see the adults that we have become. We were a part of each other’s lives, not knowing where each of us would go. Time has taken on a new dimension in our life. I find it interesting to learn how we have ventured out and have met our own challenges.

After a brief teenage marriage that ended early in my life, I married Fred Brumbaugh, a Yankee from Pennsylvania. We live in Texas in the small city of Pearland, and it is growing rapidly into a big city. Pearland is located about 20 miles south of Houston.

We have four great children and four ‘greater’ grandchildren. At this point, I have to include our Schnauzer, O’Reilly. Yes, named by Fred after Bill O’Reilly. Three of our children live in Texas and one child in Arizona.

We have lived mainly in Texas, as Fred has been with NASA as an Earth Scientist. We did live four years in Ottawa, Canada and that was quite an experience for all of us. We also lived in Louisiana where Fred was employed at the Stennis Space Center. Living near New Orleans and all of that outstanding food has to rank as one of our highlights. New Orleans. It was a fun place. I guess it is understood that we basically have lived where Fred’s job dictated.

My life has been mainly the role of raising our children, taking the Yankee out of Fred, and doing all the things I enjoy. Our children were very sports oriented and we were very involved in the “sports” world. We loved every minute of that from Little League through High School activities. That kept us very busy, with four active children.

I enjoy reading, oil painting, tennis, and the most recent activity is the computer. I have so much fun keeping up with all the high tech “stuff” and staying in touch with friends via the Internet. It is amazing what is out there and what I still have to learn about it. I play Scrabble via the Internet with my children. They are very competitive. We played a lot of tennis in Louisiana, even winning state championships with the club we played for. I love tennis… I also enjoy painting and have done a variety of paintings, from oils to ceramics. This is just a fun hobby. Then reading is the way I end my day. Love to read all the latest best sellers.

Living in the Houston area opens up a lot of activities all around. We can go to Galveston to the beach and eat all that great seafood. There are sport activities all around us, the Astros and the Rockets. Plus we attend the Houston Symphony with all their great music. Shopping is just what a woman loves and friends are great. This area is a fun area, with the Space Center so close. The traffic increases daily and can be a problem.

When living in Canada, it was like stepping into a different world. We just were so surprised how the life style was almost 10 years behind what our children were experiencing in the United States. We were there when the United States Hockey Team won the Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics. I can remember crying when our national anthem was played. The snow never stopped, it seemed. There was just something peaceful about taking a walk after a fresh snow. Such a quiet world on those winter walks. I never got the hang of ice skating, but did cross country skiing.

When we made the decision to come back to Texas, it was good to be home again in the United States. Everyone in Canada was so great to us and we have friends we still keep in touch with.

Since our children are finally doing their own thing, we can do whatever we want. We enjoy our grandchildren, which is a given for all grandparents. Sometime I just can’t believe I have grandchildren. I can’t be old enough! We are always busy with all of our activities and our family. There is never a boring moment in our day. Life is good! We feel blessed and are thankful for our health and happiness.

Jeanne “Hale” Brumbaugh - 2003