Fort Smith High School
Paul Heiss

I am a Fort Smith native. There were seven of us kids and we grew up on South Waldron Road and Y Street. That was so far out then, that I remember when the phone and electricity didnít come out that far.

Funny how things have a way of changing. That part of town (now Rogers and Waldron Road) is the busiest in town. Also, Carolyn and I lived just north of my birthplace on Waldron Road for the first 28 years of our married life.

Nothing stays the same, as Carolyn often reminds me, so when Waldron Road was widened to four lanes we had to move and chose Van Buren (of all places). We kinda like it now.

I joined the Air Force after high school and served four years in service, 14 months in Korea. Came back home, got a job, got married and sort of settled down!

Carolyn and I have one great daughter, Deby, who lives in Fayetteville, so we get to see her every holiday and whatever day her mother T H I N K S is a holiday!

Deby graduated from Southside High School and joined the Air Force for four years and spent 14 months in Germany. Like father, like daughter.

I worked at Central Mall for approximately 18 years, moved to Van Buren and retired from that job. I really stay busy everyday (I canít tell you exactly what). But, I like it and highly recommend retirement as a permanent way of life!

My wife has always kept our home filled with animals of all kinds and now there is a special Border Collie (TAZ) who expects to go for a ride in the truck at least twice a day. So thereís one thing that fills my day.

Weíve been married 40 years (where did the time go?). I hope we have lots more.

Life goes on.

Paul Heiss - 2004