Fort Smith High School
Chan Holcombe

In April 1957 I left FSHS to join the Air Force. In Oct 1959 I married a Louisiana girl in Bossier City named Charlotte. We had two children; Jim and Karen Lynn. In October 1961 we were in an auto accident and Charlotte and the baby were killed instantly. Jimmy was with his maternal grandmother.

I left the Air Force in Dec 1961 and went to Little Rock and started school at the U of A of LR. After one semester I went on to Fayetteville and stayed there until 1964. Didn’t graduate, "too many parties". I worked as a Bank Examiner for the State of Ar. and married my second wife, Elaine, who was a Teller at a State Bank in Siloam Springs. That lasted a year and there were no children of that marriage.

I went to work for Norge in Fort Smith as their Fixed Asset Accountant and stayed with them until 1966 when I went to work as a salesman for Letterhead and Check Co of St. Louis. During that time sometime I married my third wife Kay. That was a quick one. Lasted two weeks.

Saint Louis was a little cold in the winter time and I was homesick so I came home to Fort Smith and went to work for Famous Chili selling Chili. I bought the old Cactus Club and was running that club when I met and married my fourth wife Alene, the mother of my only Daughter Charity Lynn. That made me have two kids and Alene had two boys 5 and 6 years old when we married in 1969. Alene and I stayed together about 10 years and I bought the old Sears Store in Van Buren and put in Alene’s Trading Post there. In 1980 Alene and I were divorced and I was a bachelor for a time.

Barbara Finn Borengasser and I began dating in 1982 and finally got married in November 1988, the first day of Deer Season. She had two children: Brian and Renee’. I have hunted and fished a lot since 1988 and five must be a charm, because Barbara and I are still together.

In late April or early May of 2001 I received a phone call from a Doug Melkovitz. He asked if I attended the U of A in 1963 and 1964 and, of course I did. Did I date a girl named Mary Anne Keene? Oooops, "you must be her son". I have been looking for you for 35 years. He was 37 on the 1st of April 2001 and had just gotten his Masters Degree from Tulane. Charity was getting her Masters from the U of A and we all, my three kids, met in Fayetteville to attend Charity's Graduation. The kids were all happy to have an extended family and immediately started e-mailing each other and visiting.

I told Doug that there was one more kid that should be about three and a half months older than Jim and would have been born in March 1960. I came home and found a "Search Lady" from Roland who found my oldest son John within 24 hours. His name is John Greiffendorf and lives in Brandon Florida.

John has one daughter, Alyse 16 this past December. Jimmy has one daughter, China Charlotte 19 this January and also a son named Kai Chanceford who will be 10 this July. Charity Lynn has one daughter, Megan Kathren McCartney who will be two next December 11th.

So, now I have four children, three boys and a girl and four grandchildren, three girls and a boy.

We are all looking forward to a trip this Spring Break to San Jose Costa Rica where we will travel to the mountains where Jimmy lives and visit with him for a week.

This was written on the 2nd of Feb. 2003.


Chan Holcombe - 2003