Fort Smith High School
Bill Jones - Addendum #1

What a great class web site we have! Thanks to webmaster Dick Cowan and the internet, friendships from the forties, fifties, and sixties are being rediscovered and enjoyed. Reconnecting with friends these past years has reawakened my active interest in neglected hobbies, such as music and tennis. Feeling rejuvenated I’ve even played a little bridge and ping-pong. Though too lazy to either play or teach serious chess anymore, I have resumed publishing endgame studies after a thirty year hiatus. The past year has been tough health wise for two members of my immediate family, and I discovered after being a “24/7 home nurse” for most of the year that I was a better caregiver than I possibly could have imagined. Fortunately both of my patients are doing much better now and I’m adjusting to a new routine, which now includes hours of guitar practice and regular sessions of tennis, while my wife quilts, shops and is able to enjoy cooking once again.

I do volunteer work for Palo Alto’s Friends of the Library, which exposes me to many different books on a variety of subjects. As an incorrigible dilettante, the books and the internet provide sufficient information to satisfy my curiosity for most subjects. I am still very interested in how human minds work, though I realize that I will never even understand my own mind. As a result I probably ask friends too many questions about how they think, what they think, or why they hold specific beliefs – be prepared, but please don’t be offended! If I only talked about subjects that I thoroughly understood, I would have nothing to say and life would be much less fun.

Though ‘facts’ as well as memories fade, one of my great pleasures in life is discovering that I still enjoy the company of most past friends even after being out of touch for decades. The few sad cases in which the feelings are no longer mutual are dominated by the joy of the friendships recovered. I look forward to reviewing the “memories” and updated biographies being collected by Judy McFadden and our webmaster – then refreshing old friendships at our reunion in October.

Bill Jones - Addendum - 2008