Fort Smith High School
Dale Keller

A few words to update my classmates.

I married Jadean Fields 2/3/62--STAYED MARRIED.
Jadean graduated from St. Anne's Academy/1960 class.

I have 5 children/1 deceased.
I have 6 grandchildren.

I have remained in good health.
I have less hair.
I have more weight.

My wife and I are enjoying life.

I have my own business, which now allows me to be semi-retired (took a while to get there!).

I have an office in the Dallas, TX area, and a manufacturing plant in Cartago, Costa Rica.

I have a woodworking/dry kiln operation in Palmar Norte, Costa Rica and a farm on the Osa Penisula, Costa Rica. These are no longer operational, but during their life many interesting things transpired.

We lived for a year in the Costa Rican jungle in Palmar Norte, amongst the natives. Lived amongst the Howler monkies and other jungle life. Currently living "The Life of Riley" in the Dallas, TX area.

We really enjoy Summer Musical Broadway Shows. We also enjoy following Dallas, TX professional sports, especially baseball.

My wife and I also enjoy eating out at the many restuarants Dallas/Mesquite have to offer. (My wife especially loves not having to cook!).

We have enjoyed Costa Rican accomadations from rustic to 5 star hotels.

Some Outstanding Trips.
On a trip to the active volcano Arenal in Costa Rica, lodging was practically at the base of the volcano.
We traveled to Hawaii (The Big Island). Had an exciting Blue Hawaiian Helicopter flight over an active volcano, (Kilauea) so close to the heat that you could feel it!
Traveled to Montreal, Canada.
Traveled to New Hampshire in New England and enjoyed the spectacular fall leaf color.
Traveled to Denver, Colorado and enjoyed the beautiful snow capped Rockies.
Traveled to New York City and Ground Zero (Speaks for itself).
Traveled to Washington D.C.
(My daughter Karen was a Republican House page, As a result we had special access to the House and were really able to enjoy the experience) Traveled to Alaska. Especially interesting to me was seeing used airplane lots as opposed to used car lots. ( I have taken flight instructions /very enjoyable).
Las Vegas trips have been a lot of fun.
Also traveled to Shreveport,LA casinos.
I hope to have many more trips to enjoy.

I may be a true Texan now in that I have my own Pick Up Truck.

Best Wishes To All . . . .

Dale Keller - 2004