Fort Smith High School
Patsy Kimmons

Hi everyone, this is Patsy Kimmons Singleton. I married John Singleton in 1958. We had two wonderful children, Stephanie and Johnny. We moved back and forth from Arkansas to Texas to Ohio, and in 1982 we moved to Summerville, SC for John to start his own rubber business, Summit Rubber Company. At first it was hard, and as the kids were in school, I went to work for the first time. We made many friends down here, and tried to keep in touch with friends we had made over the years.

Stephanie and Johnny married. Stephanie married Mike Fulkerson, and Johnny married Margaret Brooks. Both have had children. Stephanie and Mike have Ryan and Rebecca Fulkerson, and Johnny and Margaret are the proud parents of Jordan and Trey Singleton. I am so proud of all of my children and grandchildren. Ryan graduated from Clemson University with honors. He is now 28, and married Christie Carraher in 2004. We now have a new edition, Ryan and Christieís son, 1-year-old Coleman Fulkerson. Rebecca and Jordan ride and show Arabian horses. Both have accumulated many awards and accolades. John and I tried to be there for every show we could. Both of us always had our positions on the rail to help the girls. In September of 2000 John bought me a gray Arabian mare, Bella Silk. He and I both fell in love with her. She was supposed to be my horse, but that did not last very long. From the moment she stepped foot off the trailer Rebecca had her eye on her, and started riding her and getting her in shape for a show in November. She and Rebecca won every class they entered, and John and I were right there to see both of them. She has since carried Rebecca to several championships and in the last couple of years has garnered awards with Jordan. I had been attending all of the shows with Stephanie and Rebecca but that show in November hooked John and from then on he attended almost all of the shows, and made it a priority in his life. Trey is very curious and rambunctious, but is a great kid. He is so smart and articulate.

In 2001 John was diagnosed with Renal Cell Cancer, or kidney cancer. The doctors did not give him long, but he was determined to live longer than he was told he could. In fact he did better than anyone thought he was going to, it was a true inspiration to see someone so strong fighting to stay with all of us. He gave it all he had but in November of 2005 he lost his battle and went to meet his maker. He was and is the love of my life. At his memorial service our pastor, a great man Peppy Dutart, said that a month before his passing John gave a sermon to the menís fellowship group, it was his first and last sermon. He was the backbone of this family and it has been hard for any of us to go on without him, but we are all trying to take it a day at a time. In his heroic battle he had a lot of plans, most of which he was able to accomplish. He became closer with all of his children and grandchildren. He had always been close to Ryan, but he was able to form a bond with Rebecca and Jordan. He and Rebecca spent a lot of time together, almost every day. He and she had a very tight bond, one that I know that he and she cherished very much. He went to every horse show that he could and even went to one in August of 2005, as weak as he was. He got to see his favorite horse, Bella Silk, win both of her classes with Jordan. He was also there to see BB Carabella, a horse he and Stephanie bought, win her very first class with Rebecca riding. I have gone to some of the shows since he passed at Rebecca and Stephanieís request, but itís hard without my buddy being there.

Life for me is not as it once was, but I am trying. Stephanie and Johnny run the company now. I have my family, which have been there for me every step of the way. I am not sure what I would do without them, especially Stephanie. I know one day I will get to see John again, and perhaps as time goes by it will get a little easier. I hope everyone is happy and healthy, and I send my best to all of you.

God bless,

Patsy "Kimmons" Singleton - 2006