Fort Smith High School
Tinka McCann

I have such wonderful memories of our high school years and the hilarious things we did. We thought we were soooo bad…little did we know!

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in Fort Smith with funny and good friends, a loving family and a caring community. Those early years have sustained me and had a profound impact on the rest of my life.

In contrast, I look at South Florida where I now live and where 1 out of 3 residents is from another country. This area struggles so hard to create some semblance of community, and I realize how truly amazing are the efforts of Dick Cowan, Donnie and Nancy Green and the others who have worked so hard to keep our class connected over a span of 45 years, and the efforts of each of us who care about each other and who write and read these class letters. So where am I going with this…? Well, I think our class website and our efforts to stay connected embody something very basic about our country and our democracy; specifically, that we value individual hopes and achievement and at the same time, we actively cherish and nurture the communal good. Whew! So much for political musings…

The rest of my news is pretty standard stuff…

We are in Florida because Keith, my terrific husband, has started two new companies here. He is a physician but has been in business for several years. I’ve written before in detail about my own work and am now wondering what to do next since it looks like we’re going to stay here. Both children (Rob and Gray) are married and are ‘above average’, as my sister likes to say. Rob does things with marketing and software that I don’t understand and Gray has gone back to MIT for a doctorate and is restoring a townhouse on Beacon Hill in Boston. We have just had our first grandchild…and of course, we’re totally in love with him!

We’ve lived in New Hampshire, New York City and Florida since 1993…at a time when I assumed life would be settled and getting dull, it has been both fabulous and maddening. Now, I need to figure out what I’m going to do for the next 10-15 years. Hopefully, I’ll have a plan by our 50th… Will miss seeing you on Oct. 10 and definitely plan on being with you in 2008!

Mary "Tinka McCann" Baldwin Collins - 2003