Fort Smith High School
Jim McPherson

Hi, everyone!

Following high school graduation I went to work for Keystone Readers Service in Oklahoma City. Pat Pridgen and I were married in 1959 after she graduated from FSHS, and we were divorced in 1970. We had three wonderful children—are there any other kind?—Wade in 1961, Ken in 1963, and Shannon in 1967. I climbed the ladder with KRS, moving to Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Wichita, KS.

In 1971 I met the two real loves of my life (besides my kids), a lady name Sandy Walker, and Racquetball. Sandy and I were married in 1972, and she is still putting up with me. She was a high school music teacher and was responsible for getting me “hooked” on racquetball. She and I won two national gold medals in mixed doubles in our age group. She has one national singles championship, and I’m still trying for mine—maybe this year.

After fifteen years with KRS, I made a living the next thirteen years selling real estate and related services, and then in 1988 became a national field rep (sales) for the leading publisher of state directories for attorneys, from which I intend to retire within the next year or so. I work about half the time in Texas and Oklahoma, and the other half is spent in Hot Springs Village AR. We live in a fifth wheel RV while on the road, and will have it available to see the many wonders of the good ol’ USA when the long-anticipated retirement finally arrives. The big attraction in Hot Springs Village? Golf ! ! With nine (Yes, Nine!) championship golf courses, four of which are ranked consistently in the top 10 courses in Arkansas, the hardest daily decision we make is which course to play that day!

Between racquetball and golf, and endless “honey-do’s”, I will never lack for something to do and some way to maintain a fairly high level of fitness. Due to eyesight difficulties, Sandy doesn’t play racquetball anymore, but I’m still chasing that national pot of gold. When time permits, we hope to get into a lot of activities—church and maybe choir, dancing, hiking, Bridge and other games, sight-seeing, and any of the other 200+ activities offered in the Village (HSV).

I look forward to hearing from all of you. We’ll reminisce and tell a lot of lies. I don’t do much Email, but Sandy will guide my fingers. I also know how to use the telephone system, so just call me at my phone numbers listed below. God bless each and every one of you.

Jim McPherson - 2005