Fort Smith High School
Paula Meek

Looking back, I seemed to have become a new person with each new decade after leaving high school.

• In the 1960s I became Paula Thompson in Great Falls, Montana and gave birth to three kids.

• In the 1970s I became Paula Miller and lived in Aurora, Colorado.

• In the 1980s I became Paula Lindsay and lived in Sunnyvale, California.

• Then, in 1988 an old boyfriend from high school, Mason Pharr, called me on the phone, said “do you remember me?” I said yes, and have been Paula Pharr since 1989. We live in Raleigh, North Carolina where we both work for North Carolina State University; Mason as a professor of horticultural sciences and me as a program assistant for a center dedicated to research in dairy foods.

Paula "Meek" Pharr - 2003