Fort Smith High School
1958 Missing Classmates

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~ A ~
Allen, Jamie Jo

~ B ~
Beadles, Barbara H.
Brown, Jackie Ray
Burger, Darla Jean

~ C ~
Chambers, Bill
Chambers, Janice
Chick, Carletta
Christensen, James
Clark, Jim
Creekmore, Jimmy

~ D ~
Dean, Marjorie Elaine
Denham, Harlan
Dickens, Rosalie
Drake, Janell

~ E ~
Edwards, Barbara
Evans, Nora

~ H ~
Harris, Betty
Hartsfield, Judith
Hayes, Shirley
Henderson, Richard Lee
Henry, John F.

~ J ~
Jones, George

~ K ~
Kelley, Jackie Lee

~ M ~
Marcum, Jackie
McCleod, Barbara Jean
AKA Mrs. Bob Mullings
McCormack, Ann
Moore, Ginger

~ P ~
Parker, Carolyn Ann
Pierson, Patricia Dian

~ R ~
Robinson, Ronnie
Robinson, Ruth

~ S ~
Schrieber, Roy Gene
Schuster, Joan
Slack, Susan
Smith, Lou

~ T ~
Taylor, Tommy
Tomlin, J. Larry

~ W ~
Wallace, Billy
Willis, David F.

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