Fort Smith High School
1958 Missing Classmates

Please send any information to Dick Cowan

Be sure to click on the Missing Classmates Page link, at the bottom of this page, to view the list of missing classmates.

We make every effort to let all FSHS '58 grads know about our reunions, events, and website features. But still too many of our classmates cannot be contacted. In some cases, we have old addresses that need to be verified, and in other cases, we have completely lost touch with our classmates.

In today's world, one of the most important addresses for event notification is the e-mail address. Please keep Dick Cowan informed of your current address or any address of a classmate you happen to communicate with.

If you have an idea where any of the classmates listed in the Missing Classmates Page can be found, we'd appreciate your feedback. Even if you do not have their complete address, any info that you can offer might assist us in the location process.

Here are some "clues" that would be tremendously helpful:

For FSHS women, if you know their married names (and their husband's first name if possible).

Do you know if their parents (or siblings) are still living on the same street as when we were in school? If so, please tell us the street name.

Even if you do not know the full contact address for FSHS alumni, if you think you know what town/state they are in, that can be a big help, especially if it's not a big city.

Are you in touch with any of their family members or friends who could forward on the information about our reunion?

Please look over the Missing Classmates Page, and then NOTIFY Dick Cowan if you think you can help find any of them . . . thanks for any assistance you can provide!

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