Fort Smith High School
Marilyn Morris

At our last reunion, a classmate asked me, "So Marilyn what have you done with your life?" After my totally garbled reply, I headed for the nearest watering hole.

Sit back, relax, here I go; I went to college for three years. I quit to marry the wrong man. I had two daughters who are very talented women and they both have earned college degrees. Who said children do not listen? They have given me five very handsome grandsons. Now I know why men are from Mars - it is their birthright. The wrong man and I decided to finally end our marriage.

Soon afterward, I married a wonderful man, Gaylon Brown. He adopted the girls and we were a happy family. Gaylon and I traveled as often as possible, but due to his developing severe coronary disease we became home bound. We were best friends so his early retirement did not pose a problem.

Sadly, Gaylon died five years ago. Life does go on and my friends decided to get me back into the world. It is all Judy Hestand Steward's fault. When I finally did get out, Judy swears she created a "wild child".

For those of you who don't know, the single life at this age can be a roller coaster ride and I hate roller coasters. I am now learning to take care of myself, however, I have forgotten how to cook and bill paying is a challenge (late fees are a real pain).

This Spring I bought myself a Mustang convertible and I love it!! I even drive with the top down on 100-degree days, air conditioner going full blast of course.

I have a tan for the first time in my life, I know - Sun is bad – but my doctor will love me this Winter; He'll make a lot of money burning off the bad spots. "Mid-life crisis" --- No, I had that some years ago and so did you. After all we probably won’t live to be 126 years old.

I am looking forward to this reunion. I just hope I'm not the only "CRAZY PERSON" in attendance. Life is wonderful when you live it!!!

Marilyn "Morris" Brown - 2003