Fort Smith High School
Dolores Morris

Can we REALLY be old enough to be thinking about our “50th” reunion in 2008? Sorry, but I still think I am 27 ~ at least most of the time.

Summarizing almost 50 years of living in a few short paragraphs is not going to be easy but here goes. From my first marriage I have a daughter, Diane, and son, Ross. I am now the proud grandmother of Roxie, Skylar, Krisha and Madisyn. They are all teenagers now, except for 3 year old Madisyn. I think my days of hauling band instruments, gym bags, dance bags, backpacks, speed skates, stray puppies and kittens are over again ~ at least for awhile. I wouldn’t take a million bucks for the precious time my grandchildren and I have shared over the past 15 years.

Through the years I have lived in Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida yet always end up coming back to Fort Smith. The past 20 years have been spent in both Naples, FL and Ft. Smith.

I have worked as a secretary, bookkeeper, office manager, realtor, retail business owner, image consultant and real estate junkie. I love buying condos in Naples and homes in Ft. Smith that need to be renovated, etc. Each one is always going to be the “last” one, but I’m afraid it is a sickness for me and I’ll always be looking for one more challenge.

Four years ago I organized the first Red Hat Society chapter in Fort Smith, and had a fun but busy time running around town in red and purple. I’ve always hated hats ~ still do, but it was worth it just to see so many wonderful ladies from all walks of life and all ages join together in fun and friendship.

After giving up on marriages, dating, and finding my ‘soul-mate’ I found that living single was a great way to live. In fact, I planned on staying single but fate changed my path when I met a very special man in 2003. Rex and I married in 2004, and now cherish each new day together. ‘Yes, Virginia,’ there really is a soul-mate for each of us!

Life is great and I have been Blessed in so many ways.

Dolores “Morris” Lawson - 2005