Fort Smith High School
Martha Murdock

I've been married to Herb Disney and we have lived in Elkins, AR for 44 years. Raised three kids and have two grandkids. I tell everyone I got cheated as far as grandkids went.

Herb retired about three years ago, but I still teach in Elkins. I taught in the 70's and decided there had to be a better way to earn a living.

After finishing a second bachelor’s degree and working at various jobs, even staying home and enjoying the grandkids, learning to paint etc., I started teaching again about seven years ago. Herb retired from SBC who he went to work for after the family sold an independent telephone company to Alltel. Since I'm off and he's retired we spend most of our summers on the road.

Two of our kids are in NW Arkansas and the youngest is in Austin. Our grandson is in Grad school at the U of A and granddaughter is a sophomore in high school at Siloam Springs. I had a snow day today, just the kind I like... Just enough to cancel school but then melts off so you can do something. I've got to close this as I have an appointment to get to.

I will try to respond again. 

Keep up the good work.

Martha “Murdock” Disney - 2006