Fort Smith High School
Bob Ed Pevehouse

After graduation from Fort Smith High School, I attended The College of the Ozarks for a year; then returned home and attended WestArk for a couple of years, during which time I taught classes in the Student Union, majoring in hearts and minoring in spades. One of my star pupils was Carolyn Schneider.

My formal education being complete and all, I transferred my attention to a job at the stockyards, eventually graduating to our family business, THE rendering plant, where I continued to “render” for some eighteen years in between rodeoing, golf games and duck hunting. My rendering career came to an abrupt halt when the wind blew the wrong way one day and the plant burned to the ground. My duck hunting activities served me well, because at the time the fire took place, as fate would have it, I was – you guessed it – up at the crack of dawn, out a huntin’ down those little ducks with my insurance man!

Seriously, my life is the male equivalent of “The Cinderella Story” that all you gals ascribe to.

I met my wife, Terry, in 1962 when she came to Fort Smith to visit relatives. She and her family were on their way to Iowa to live. "We got married in a fever" three months later, two of which she was in Iowa without me. We live in the Tanner family home where Linda led her charmed teen-age life.

We have the sought-after girl/boy children combination:

Our son, Kenneth, lives in Fort Smith and is has been employed for many years at ABF.

Daughter Sandy lives in Marshall, Arkansas, is married to a dentist and raises kids and horses.

I’m retired and enjoying the good life; in addition to my hobbies, I do volunteer work at Kay Rodgers Park. I agree with Mayor Baker and Susan Foster … "Life Is Worth Living in Fort Smith, Arkansas!"

Bob Ed Pevehouse - 2003