Fort Smith High School
Ron Roberts

After graduation, in May, I worked for a local manufacturing company and completed an electronic correspondence course that I began before graduation. On February 2, 1959 I married Jo Anne Mathis (Class of 59) whom I dated and loved during the last two years of High School. We moved to St. Louis searching for fame and fortune. Finding neither (and with the Army's draft breathing down my neck) I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and taught electronics for six years. During this six-year span our two children were born at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. (They are getting old now but we really enjoy our four grand children!) After having served one assignment in Viet Nam, and with another on the horizon, Jo Anne & I decided that perhaps Military life might not be the best career choice.

So, in 1968, we moved back to Fort Smith and with my background in electronics I went to work for Tower TV repairing transistorized equipment, which, in 1968, was just dawning on the scene in consumer electronics. Jo Anne and I purchased Tower TV in 1980 searching, again, for fame and fortune! (I had heard that people who own their own businesses make bunches of money!) Fortunately, we did make a little money, bought a motor home, and have been able to travel and enjoy seeing this grand old U.S.A. during our vacations each year.

Jo Anne and I are very active in our Church, are still happy and have our health, and we enjoy each other's company daily. Our goal is to grow old together, sitting side by side in our rockers, punching each other often saying, "Did you see that? and having people look at us and wonder what we did to achieve such happiness!

Ron Roberts - 2003