Fort Smith High School
Art Robertson

I left Fort Smith in 1957 when my parents moved to Dallas. I attended Sunset High School my senior year, so I missed graduating from FSHS with my lifetime classmates, some of whom I had gone to school with since first grade at DuVal School. Such names as Richard Hill, Wayne Allen, Jimmy Donald, Ann Wilson, Ronnie Stevenson, Carolyn Holt, Larry Pack, Dee George Carroll, Chan Holcombe and numerous others come to mind.

In High School, I considered Chan Holcombe my "Best Friend". We got into a lot of 'mischief' together. I recall a Halloween night, when Kitty Binns got blue ink squirted in her platinum blond hair by a water gun held by Mr. Holcombe. I don't recall if she ever knew who did it. At Ft. Smith Jr. High, my claim to fame was a demonstration of my skill using a 10 foot bullwhip, cutting paper out of people's mouths after school one day.

You and others in the Class of 58 would remember me--if you remember me at all--as Artie Robertson. My dad was Art Robertson (Class of 36 FSHS) who later became "Uncle Ray" on KWHN in the 1950s. I worked in Fort Smith Broadcasting for a few years; first at KTCS (1959 & 1960). I married Margie Howard Hayes in 1961, and we lived in Fayetteville where I worked at KHOG Radio for two years. We returned to Ft. Smith in 1963, where I worked at KFPW till 1976. At KFPW, I was Bruce Roberts, a 'stage' name Station Manager Jack Freeze asked me to use to avoid confusion with my Dad, who was still at KWHN when I started in Broadcasting. For several years, I was the host of "Music In The Night", which was the evening/night program. Dan Crawford was the Morning Show host, and Joe Roppollo did the afternoons at the time. When Dan Crawford suffered a debilitating stroke about 1972, I was moved to the Morning show, which I continued to do until I left KFPW in 1976. After the birth of KFPW TV 40, from 1975 to 1976 I was also the noontime Host of the "Today on 40" program, and did the 6pm and 10pm weather. In 1980 I was elected to the Board of Directors in Fort Smith as A.A. "Bruce" Robertson, capitalizing on my name familiarity with KFPW AM-TV.

We relocated to St. Louis in 1992 to be "Nanny & Paw Paw" to our three Grandchildren. I retired from Verizon in 2002 and now enjoy keeping company with Margie, activities at our church and attending the kids' events. For those in the class who may be interested in reconnecting with me, my email address is: .

Arthur Bruce Robertson - 2006