Fort Smith High School
Gloria Samuel

As Mayor Ray Baker says, "Life is worth living in Fort Smith." I have been back in Fort Smith for about sixteen years now and loving it! Harold and I had the house I now occupy built here off Massard Road and up Moody Road on 92nd Street two years prior to Harold's promotion to Heaven.

In April I will have been retired two years from First National Bank.  I truly enjoyed my work there, but absolutely love being retired. As others often say, "I don't know how I ever had time to work!"

I stay busy with volunteer work for First Baptist Church. A class of about twenty-five ladies I teach weekly in Bible Study Fellowship really keeps me "hoppin." They are 64 years of age and on up; so between their occasional health problems and life situations, staying in contact when they are absent or celebrating birthdays, plus all the study time necessary, I certainly am never bored. Having never been bored in my entire life, why should I be now anyway!

Last August I participated with seven others from my church on a Mission Trip to Guadalajara, Mexico, for one week. We were involved with Operation Gospel Outreach (Operation GO) distributing almost 5000 Gospels of John in a low-income apartment complex called El Sauz. We worked with a very small church called Genesis Baptist Church which only has about thirty people in attendance. What a sweet group they were! Since I know very little Espanol, you just should have heard me quoting the script as we gave a Gospel to each apartment. My pronunciation was a little different each time. Some of the people would smile as they took the free gift, and a few even laughed at my poor attempt in speaking.

March 25 - April, 1 I will be going back to Guadalajara with eight others, five of whom were in the group last August. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to return. We will be involved in more visitation plus some evangelistic meetings with interpreters. Please pray for our group's safety, health, and most importantly that we will be effective in getting the good news of salvation and the abundant life in the Lord Jesus Christ out to the masses of people in Guadalajara.

Dick, much thanks for all the work you do for the Class of "58" and toward our big reunion in two years. Unbelievable, isn't it!!! How on earth did I graduate 48 years ago when I am still only 39!!! ON THE TOP WE'LL ALWAYS RATE! WE'RE THE CLASS OF '58!!!

Gloria "Samuel" Law - 2006