Fort Smith High School
Gloria "Samuel" Law - Addendum #1

Wow, I can scarcely believe it! How can I be entering another decade of my life? Surely I am only 39! For sure most days I do feel only 39!

Life has been so exciting since my retirement from First National Bank of Fort Smith five years ago. I've served with Gospel Outreach in Guadalajara, Mexico two times, enjoyed California for the first time visiting with distant relatives of my deceased husband who were great with making sure I saw many remarkable sites, and been to China two times teaching conversational English. The first time was July of 2008 with students in a summer camp. Then last month teaching English in a high school. I was glad to also have contact again  with a university senior I met in 2008 who has adopted me as his USA grandmother. He will graduate this spring and has already completed practice teaching.  He and two other university students keep me busy with e-mails.

It is so great living the abundant life of joy, peace, and satisfaction that my Lord has a plan for my life and gives me the strength to live out that purpose on a day-to-day basis.

To those of you who read this update: Do you ever sense that something or someone is missing in your life? If you drew a large circle with the thought that all the factual knowledge of the world is contained within that circle, how could you and I demonstrate the knowledge we have? Would it be perhaps a speck? That would mean there is a vast amount of factual knowledge out there that we have not yet experienced. Could it be that the joy, peace, and fulfillment that can be found in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord (boss) is the new knowledge just waiting for you?  As you consider this, read the little Gospel of John in the Bible, the Word from the Most High God, and think about what this can mean in your life.

In reading my update a few of you may think, "Well, Gloria's off her rocker!" That really does not bother me. I care for all of you. I'm glad we experienced being in the Class of '58 together, and I only want the very best for you now and also throughout eternity!

Gloria "Samuel" Law - 2010