Fort Smith High School
Jim Sengel

Ronnie Biggs and I joined the Army Reserves our senior year in high school and immediately upon graduation we went into the army for six months on the buddy system. Following that, I started at the University of Arkansas the spring semester of '59. By June of 1965, I had graduated with a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering, had spent another nine months in the army as a result of the 'call-up' when the Berlin Wall was built and was married with a one-year-old daughter. I started my work career with Phillips Petroleum in Bartlesville, OK. While there we had a son and another daughter. After migrating to Dallas and back to Fort Smith for a short while, my wife and I divorced and I settled in Tulsa where I have been since 1974 (with the exception of a couple of two year stints in Conroe, TX and Parsons, KS). I married my present wife Kathy in 1980 and we have an 18-year-old daughter, Emily. Emily and my five grandsons and two granddaughters are the spice of our lives and what keeps us young. Emily is a senior in high school and is blessed with a beautiful voice, which she uses in her school's choir and show choir as well as our church youth choir. She has made vocal music all state the last three years and we are very proud of her.

In October 1989 I had open-heart surgery with six bypasses. I started a running program, which resulted in me running in the 15K Tulsa run October 1990, twelve months after my surgery. I have maintained my health and after 14 years my arteries are OK. I expect to work another two to three years before I retire.

We are active in our church. Kathy is state coordinator in Oklahoma for Moms In Touch International, a woman’s prayer organization that has small groups which meet weekly to pray for the children in a specific school.

Kelli, my oldest daughter resides near Orlando, FL with her husband and two boys. We try to see them at least once per year.

Matt, my son, lives in Fort Smith with his wife and year old daughter.  He has a ten-year-old son from a previous marriage. We see them frequently.

Jennifer, my other married daughter lives in Broken Arrow, OK with her husband, two boys and daughter. It is great having them close by. We love to keep the kids.

Unfortunately I am not able to attend the 45th reunion. I will be in China on a business trip at that time.  I know everyone will have a great time, as always. The Class of '58 is a great group. I will miss seeing you all.

Jim Sengel - 2003