Fort Smith High School
Judie Sumners

Hi! I'm Judie Sumners Stuart.

I guess I'm supposed to tell you a few things about myself. I married Tom in 1959 and we decided to make the Navy a career. For the next 22 years I happily followed him to Chicago, Atlanta, Pensacola, Washington DC and San Diego. When time to retire we returned to AR to be close to parents - mine in Ft. Smith and his in Pine Bluff.

We have 3 children, Mark, Matt (an Army chaplain) and Kecia. Total of 11 grandchildren and one grandchild. They are all a blessing to me.

In November of 2001 Tom and I were walking at the sport center and he literally fell dead at my feet of a heart attack. I thought my life was over. I had been loved and cared for, for 42 years, and now he was gone. My heart is still broken but with the help of a loving God I am still going. I always thought we would grow old together.......and we aren't old! But the Lord had other plans and He has provided and protected me beyond explanation. Tom was a wonderful Godly man who took a step and found himself in the presence of God.

So I am still in our home. Mark lives in Conway, Matt in San Antonio and Kecia is married to a minister and lives in Idaho.

Sounds like a boring life when I write it down but the days were too short. And exciting at the time! It has been nice to get back in touch with friends from high school. Who ever dreamed we'd be 65!

I enjoy the emails and your efforts, Dick.

Judie "Sumners" Stuart - 2005