Fort Smith High School
Richard Tidwell

Forty-five years is hard to cover in just a few short paragraphs, isn't it?

I just heard of the reunion today October 8th and wish I had known about it sooner. I have a busy weekend and cannot make it to Fort Smith this weekend. I tried to find out if we were going to have one before ten years but was not able.

I am planning to retire the end of the year and try staying home for a while. I lost my wife in 1992 to cancer and remarried in 1996 to a woman here in Tennessee. She has been retired for 2 years so now I am going to have a bunch a "honey-dos".

For the past 11 years I have been the City Administrator of Martin, Tennessee. Prior to that I was Finance Director of Weakley County, Tennessee, Finance Director of West Memphis, Arkansas and started my career in politics as the Finance Director in good old Fort Smith. That was 1973 when I was discharged from the Army after serving 8 years.

I have 4 children and seven grandchildren. They are in Texas, Arkansas and Missouri, so you can see I do not get to see them very often. I hope once I retire, I can get to see them more often. Between my wife and I we have 14 grandchildren so you can see that Christmas is an experience.

I do wish that I had known about the reunion soon because I was unable to attend the last one due to a trip to Colorado where I was elk hunting. When I retire I plan on playing golf more and do all the hunting I can wherever I can.

You'all have a good time and I will be thinking you. If any of you are ever in Northwest Tennessee please stop by and say hello.

If there is a booklet printed showing the names and addresses of all known classmates please send me one. Send it to Richard L. Tidwell, 726 Hawks Road, Martin, Tennessee 38237.

Dick Tidwell - 2003