Fort Smith High School
Ordon Tummons

After graduation, I entered the Army and spent the next six years stationed in Germany with the Military Police. I met my wife, Ellen, there and we had 36 plus beautiful years before I lost my true love to cancer. I left the Army for the Air Force in 1964.

The Air Force sent me to Great Falls Montana for one year, and then off to the 14th Air Commando Wing in Vietnam for one year; I left Vietnam for Germany.

I spent the next five years in charge of Security for NATO CombatOperation Center. During these five years I received special training with a German Army special training unit.

In 1971, I was sent back to the good old USA at Little Rock AFB. In 1972, I was off to Iceland for one year, and then back to the USA. In 1974, I was sent back to Germany for five years at Rhine Main AFB. I was in charge of Security, Law enforcement, and QRF. In 1979, I retired in Springfield, Mo.

I was only retired for three weeks when Ellen told me to find a job or go fishing. I enrolled at Groff Tech School for nine months to be a welder. In 1980, I completed school and moved to Oklahoma City, OK (I really enjoyed welding). In 1985, the oil fields fell on hard times, and I started looking for a new line of work.

In 1985, my fishing partner talked me into going into the fast food business (Ray worked for KFC). I joined Church'sFried Chicken. Three months later I was manager of Church's Chicken in Fort Smith. In 1986, I was moved to Little Rock, AR, then to Shreveport, LA. I was Area Manager for Churchs stores in western LA and eastern TX. In 1990, Al Copeland took over Church's and sold off most of Church's (my area included). Ellen and I moved back to OKC, OK. I went to work for Dairy Queen, and supervised 23 DQs until I retired the second time.

I lost Ellen in August 1996 and retired in 1997 in Shell Knob, MO. on Table Rock Lake. I enjoy fishing and working with the VFW.

Ordon Tummons - 2006