Fort Smith High School
Lyn Walraven

After FSHS, Westark JC (then), on to U of A in Fayetteville. It took a while there - didn't finish until Jan/1964. Typical program of changing majors from pre-business (actually Electrical Engineering) to real Business (Accounting), interrupted for a year on active duty with Air National Guard (Fought the Battle of the Bowling Alley in Gulfport, MS 1960-61), then back to the books again.

Left U of A for Kroger/SuperX Drugs touring over the next 13 years. Lived in AR, IN, TX, TN, MO, OH, then settled in Ohio near Cincinnati since 1977. Accumulated and moved a lot of 'stuff' over the years including one wife (divorced after 21 years), two sons (35 and 32 - both still single), and number of dogs/cats. Retired from Revco Drug Stores who bought SuperX Drugs in 1995.

Now living single (18 years and counting), semi-retired in bedroom community to Cincinnati (Ross, OH). Own/operate a small income tax preparation/bookkeeping service. Work like crazy Jan-Apr each year and then 'loaf' most of the rest of the year. Have a lot of free flex time, but always seem to be too busy to get much done.

Enjoy (?) volunteer work (26 years) on township Emergency Medical Services Lifesquad (remember Johnny and Roy on Squad 51? ?. Come on, you are as old as I am).

Lifesquad, church work, keeping up with Mom who lives up here since Dad died (1995) is what keeps me going. Also do a little riding on my Harley!

Hope to see you at the big 50 reunion!! Kudos to Nancy/Donnie/Dick for keeping it going. I think the last one I attended was 20 years. As you will see, I haven't grown any more Hair (on my head). The last time I took off the beard, there was another chin hiding under it, so may not do that again.

Good luck to all!!

Lyndell 'Lyn' 'Lance' Walraven