Fort Smith High School
Kay Wiggins

If I make it through writing this bio, it will be a first for me. That is, it will be the first time to complete any assigned term paper! Guess who gave me this assignment? The taskmaster is none other than Dick Cowan, my friend from Albert Pike (who I know I whipped soundly several times).

In 1959, I married Darrell Williams, FSHS graduate '57. We both attended the University of Arkansas. Darrell went to get a degree; I went to make an appearance. From 1961 through 1969, we lived in Fayetteville, Heber Springs, Ozark, and Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Then we moved to Graham, Texas, all for Darrell to further his coaching career. When he left coaching, we moved to Kansas City, Missouri, for him to take a job with ABF, and we divorced in 1975. For those of you who do not keep up with the Ft. Smith natives, Darrell passed away in May 2003.

I have two wonderful sons, Darrell Jr., and Michael. They have blessed my family with two wonderful daughters-in-law and six grandkids: Jennifer 21, Johnny 20, Charlie 18, Dustin 15, Samantha 8, and Sydney 6. They all live in Kansas City and are available to lead journeys to the K. C. Royals games, NASCAR races, the little theater, and to every Disney movie that hits the screen!

I worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. from 1972 to 2000. I started out as a telephone operator and worked my way up to Manager of Computer Operations, Manager of Engineering, and Manager of Operator Services. Since I have retired, I know zip about computers, couldn't engineer my way out of a paper bag, and am not big on talking on the telephone. So go figure!

In my spare time, I enjoy landscaping, Home Interior, and sports and I am an avid fan of college football, the NFL, and Women's NCAA basketball. I have worked many trips around the Women's Final Four competitions. My shadow is my dog, Karli. She is a 3 yr. old Shit Zu that demands more attention than any of my grandkids. The kicker is she gets it. That's probably because she doesn't talk back.

My Mom still lives in Ft. Smith, so I have been spending time with her. When I am there, I have fond memories of those who gave me pleasure during my youth. (Of course, I take a voodoo doll with me for those who inflicted pain!)

By now, I have had about all the writing I want. If any of you make it this far, thanks for taking the time to read my first completed writing assignment!

Kay "Wiggins" Williams - 2003