Fort Smith High School
Dee Wresche


I know those of you who have been under unfriendly fire can certainly identify with the above and our high school memorial page certainly hits to close to home. In short, many of the things we worry about are just not that important.

After graduating from Fort Smith High School I received a BS from Arkansas Tech and started my military career as an Army officer. My active and reserve military career spanned 32 years and I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Along the way I picked up my Masters in Counseling and Guidance. Very helpful in dealing with people but never seemed to work that well with my family.

After leaving active duty, I remained in the active reserves and took a management position with Orkin Exterminating, Inc. While traveling across country to assume my first management position with Orkin I remember turning to my wife and telling her “I just realized that I had just changed from a hired killer of men to a hired killer of bugs”. I retired from Orkin in 2001 and set up my own management consulting business.

Forty five years ago I married Suzann Clark from Roger, Ark. and we were blessed to have two great sons, Chris and Jeff. Suzann like any good army wife had to take care of our two sons and deal with all the household business while I was on overseas tours. As our sons grew older, she also worked at numerous jobs, to include managing single and multiple retail locations. Suzann and I currently live in a golf community in Rincon, GA, just outside Savannah, GA. The weather is great and I enjoy using my golf cart year around (My small part toward being Green).

We love to travel and really enjoyed our time in Germany where I was stationed with the Army for three years. We traveled all over (free) Europe with our two sons and skied some great slopes in Germany and Austria. Orkin also afforded us the opportunity to live in numerous states and enjoy some great trips. We still enjoy traveling and hope to see everyone at the 50th reunion.

Dee Wresche - 2008